From birth which is the ultimate abstract experience, our growth transforms everything to physical realities with defined eye-mind expectations. From this structured and, hence, more comfortable environment, we continue our search for new learning and even visual pleasure from the art we view. But much of this art is formed from very recognizable images - a dependence on long familiar contexts from which we hope to experience some new learning or enjoyment. This cycle can produce eventual fatigue and boredom. Enter the abstractionist. Realism-based symmetries, patterns, combined with textures and light are Tom’s compulsion. In recent years these have resulted in the development of an extensive catalog of predominantly realist art titled “The Farmington River Collection”. But as a counterpoint to realism, he veers into abstractionism readily willing to explore beyond the photo genre boundaries so as to use these same contexts to more aggressively challenge the imagination. Macro, HDR (high dynamic range), highly dominant symmetry, captured movement, saturation and luminosity painting and digital filtering are all methods that are used to move the viewer well beyond the actual context. The result has been a new view of that same literal environment but with an intentionally larger gateway to a less structured and more imaginary world. You have Arrived !

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